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  •  物料為不銹鋼
  • 水杯耐熱度為100℃,內置簡易按鈕式出水位,並特別設計了易拆式清洗壼咀
  • 由香港本地品牌「莎樂」所設計及製作,為「夢想不只想」之系列,除了感覺大方得體外,「莎樂」亦希望透過品牌設計傳遞正面信息
  • 適合自用、送禮



  • Material used : Stainless Steel
  • 100°Heat retention, designed with one-touch button for easy pour operation, the bottle brim is easy-rinsable 
  • Graphic ''Don't Let Dreams Be Dreams'' designed by local brand - Moontasy and we hope to spread positive energy through our designs
  • Perfect as a gift or self-used

保溫瓶(連小杯) - 夢想不只想 Thermal Bottle with Cup - Don't Let Dreams Be Dreams