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護照套 - 貓頭鷹 Passport Cover - Owls in Pair

材質: 高質人造仿皮
尺寸: 10.2 x 14.5cm
產地: 香港本地品牌Moontasy數碼印刷及製造

  • 護照套內3個儲存格可放置證件或咭;並可放置登機牌及一些瑣碎紙鈔等;適合一般國際護照本; 可容納最大護照尺寸為10 x 13厘米
  • 適用於送禮 、旅遊最佳良伴、以及出差最佳拍檔
  • 設計主要圍繞著品牌的插畫角色,
  • 適合時尚女性、小童、或是一家大小去旅行專用
  • 以淺紫色為主,配合可愛的一對貓頭鷹,既女性化亦帶童真,使旅行中的你變得與眾不同



Material Used: High quality PU leather
Size: 10.2 x 14.5cm
Digital printing by Hong Kong local brand Moontasy

  • The three card slots allow you to put your ID cards, boarding pass and petty cash, the largest passport size to fit-in is 10 x 13 cm
  • The loving couple owls with theme colour purple, brings you a warm feeling of feminine and keeping a young heart
  • Perfect for own use, not to mention as a gift for friends
  • No doubt the best necessity for traveling and business trip
  • Suits for ladies, children as well as the family

護照套 - 貓頭鷹 Passport Cover - Owls in Pair

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