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手機殼 - 月亮島(莎樂)Phone Case - Charlotte on the Moon
  • 提供超過60個智能手機型號的手機殼尺寸,包括iPhone、Sony Xperia 、Samsung、LG、HTC、Moto、Google Pixel、華為等手機型號
  • 無論軟殼或硬殼均有提供
  • 香港本地品牌Moontasy插畫數碼打印
  • 設計圍繞著品牌中的一對貓頭鷹及不同的角色,以淡紫色為主,優雅中帶點可愛




  • Provide over 60 mobile phone models, include iPhone, Sony Xperia, Samsung, LG, HTC, Moto, Google Pixel, Huawei.
  • Both soft and hard cases are available
  • Digital printing by Hong Kong  brand Moontasy
  • The loving couple owls with theme colour purple, brings you a warm feeling of feminine and keeping a young heart


Note:Please contact us for further information if your mobile phone model is not listed above, confirm with us whether your phone model is in stock before making the payment.

手機殼 - 月亮島(莎樂)Phone Case - Charlotte on the Moon

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